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Walking Adventures

January 18, 2011

I’ve been rocking the skirt, tights and white trainers look this afternoon.


I’ve been trying to walk home from work whenever I can (I’m a bit of a fair weather walker though – if it’s raining I’ll get the bus!). The main reason is that the bus fare has gone up to £2.10 to travel 3.5 miles. It takes me around an hour to get from my desk to my front door by walking. All in all the bus takes me 45 mins so there’s not much time saved. To try and incentivise myself to keep up with this regime I’m setting aside each £2.10 I save by not taking the bus and putting it aside to buy a new pair of trainers. I’m surprised how quickly I’m cumulating money, so I might extend the fund to include new gym kit as well. The fitness benefits of walking an extra 3.5 miles a day at a fast pace are also brilliant.

I started off my day this morning with a bowl of porridge cooked with half a banana and then sprinkled with flaxseed and some cinnamon. This is usually my favourite breakfast, but I was tad disappointed as the banana wasn’t quite ripe enough for my taste. I wish I’d gone for apple and raisons instead.

I then packed up today’s picnic for work.


I had the total yogurt with some M&S mixed fruit and nuts for a mid-morning snack. I had the contents of the salad box for lunch:

  • Brown rice (which I cooked in bulk last night and should last me all week)
  • Roasted butternut squash
  • Spinach, watercress & rocket prepared salad
  • Cucumber
  • Pine nuts

I had the nakd  bar (Ginger Bread is my favourite – yum yum!) and the apple as an afternoon snack and I scoffed the 2 clementines in between my other snacks. When I got home after my walk home I had a couple of sunflower seed and oat ryvitas with marmite on. I’m off to Cuba in a couple of weeks, so I’m trying to eat as much marmite as I can to ward off the mosquitoes (that might be an old wife’s tale, but I’ll give anything a go!)

I had an early-ish dinner tonight as I was off out on an evening walk so I made myself an uber-quick stir fry.

I drained and cubed some tofu when I got home from work and marinated it in some soy sauce, cumin and ginger for about an hour. I then fried it for about 5 mins in a little oil and added a packet of pre-prepared stir fry veg. I mixed in some more soy sauce, a little chilli powder and a teaspoon of hazelnut butter. This took me barely 10 mins to make, tasted really delicious and gave off a lovely appetising nutty aroma.

Evening walks are something I do regularly on a Tuesday evening with a local walking group. It was 2 degrees this evening, so I wrapped up warm with a walking top, 2 fleeces and a waterproof, 3 pairs of gloves, a hat and tights under my walking trousers (after losing weight I really feel the cold). We walked about 3 miles and had loads of fun as we split into 2 groups and raced each other by going opposite ways around a circular woodland path. I had my awesome head-torch with me, but the moon was so full and bright that I hardly needed it.

When I got home a had some fat-free fromage frais and a grapefruit as I was starving after racing around the woods.

I promised myself I’d be in bed my 11pm tonight, so that’s it for this evening!

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  1. Angela permalink
    January 19, 2011 12:36 pm

    I like the sound of your dinner. I have some tofu sitting in the fridge waiting for inspiration! With only meat-eaters in the house with me, I don’t get any encouragement or company with such things!

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