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To Exercise or Not To Exercise …

January 22, 2011

I had planned to fit in a home circuits session this afternoon as a break to the boring revision and write about it today’s post. However, I’ve been struggling today with a sore left hamstring after feeling very tight yesterday. I always find it a quite difficult to miss out a planned fitness session, psychologically I’m worried it’s going to be the start of a slippery slope and I’m going to stop exercising and lose fitness. I know this is ridiculous – I love exercise and realistically I can’t imagine not exercising in some form. I had a good talking to myself and decided to rest up again today. I had a nice hot bath this afternoon and it’s feeling a lot looser, if I’m sufficiently recovered I’ll fit in the circuits tomorrow … if not I won’t stress about it and I’ll do some upper body work and perhaps some pilates.

My breakfast this morning was overnight oats inspired by Laura’s breakfast pudding. Mine was quite different as I didn’t have most of the ingredients necessary, but it was delicious none the less.


My mixture included:

  • 25g oats mixed with wheat germ (ready mixed from Sainsburys)
  • 25g jumbo oats
  • dessert spoon flaxseed
  • a few raisons
  • skimmed milk
  • tablespoon fat-free natural yogurt

All those ingredients were soaked overnight. This morning I popped it in the microwave on defrost for 45 seconds to take the chill off it and then mixed in some fresh blueberries. It was creamy and tasted really decadent considering the ingredients were very healthy. It’s definitely going to be a regular in my breakfast repertoire.

Mid-morning was a sliced pink lady apple (my favourite variety) and some mixed nuts.


For lunch I made a simple mussel and prawn broth. I fried some chopped onion, carrot and potato in a little oil for around 10 mins. I then added the cooking liquid from the mussels I cooked yesterday and a pinch of ground pepper. I let the broth simmer for half an hour and then added the mussels and some king prawns and cooked for a further 2 mins. I served with a piece of wholemeal baguette. This had a really subtle and delicious taste – sometimes I crave simple food. I realise prawns and mussels aren’t to everyone’s tastes (personally I really love seafood), but I also enjoy clean and simple vegetable broths.


My mid-afternoon snack was a small tofu salad, just with some mixed leaves and 3 pieces of baked tofu, and some melon and blueberries. Melon is possibly my favourite thing ever – so sweet and juicy. If I had to choose between never eating chocolate or melon again I think I’d ditch the chocolate (and I REALLY like chocolate). Luckily I don’t have to make that decision and I can carry on eating both!


My parents took me out for dinner to get me out of the house and away from the books. We went to one of our local pubs which moonlights as a chinese restaurant. I chose seafood tom yom soup to start (a hot and sour thai soup) and shared some of my Mum’s minced pork wrapped in lettuce leaves. My main course was chicken and broccoli in oyster sauce with a little bit of steamed rice. I enjoyed the meal, but I probably would have preferred something vegetarian or fish. The menu was very meat-focused and if I was vegetarian I would have struggled to find anything other than a basic vegetable stir-fry. There was no tofu on the menu which was disappointing. It was a very light meal so I treated myself to some more melon (I might be addicted) and some natural yogurt when I got home.

I’ve finished the evening by watching Crazy Heart on DVD. It’s a brilliant film and I shed a few tears – mind you it doesn’t take much for me to cry at a film or TV programme!

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  1. January 22, 2011 11:38 pm

    Isn’t it crazy how perfectly rational, intelligent people get in a knot about missing one exercise session. I’m exactly the same! Good job on not giving in to the insanity though. And on getting lots of work done 🙂

    Final push tomorrow — good luck!

  2. Angela permalink
    January 24, 2011 4:17 pm

    I bought TWO charantais melons just before your last visit – – – – and found them after you’d gone! (Is there an emoticon for silly me?!)

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