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Best Laid Plans …

February 14, 2011

First of all thank you for all your bra advice. The Shock Absorber Run seems like a winner and I’ll be looking out for it on-line. FYI – for the time being I got a M&S one as I had a voucher from Christmas and I’ve found them OK in the past, even if they do have a shorter shelf-life than other premium brands.

I’ve not had a brilliant day (well post-podiatrist visit anyway) and have been through a whole range of emotions. Last week I wrote about my decision to go and have my feet checked out my a professional after experiencing some niggling pain in my right toe joint and having my gait analysed at a running shop. My appointment was this evening and it didn’t bring brilliant news.

Basically, it’s worse than I expected and I have a whole host of problems with my right foot, leg, hip and my lower back which is all caused by my right hip being over-rotated outwards. My foot problems are exacerbated by having a high arch foot type. The two main problems are:

1) Sesamoiditis – which is inflamation of the bones on the ball of my big toe. This could be caused by a defect I was born with, a fracture or dislocation. I’m having an x-ray later in the week to diagnose it properly.

2) IT band syndrome in my right hip. I experience pain in my hip when I walk a long way (15 miles plus) or when I do exercises which isolate that area (like leg raises). It really hurts this evening after it has been prodded by the podiatrist.

So, unless I want to be crippled by foot pain or to need a hip replacement by the age of 40 it all needs sorting out. Plus, until it is sorted I can’t do any running or high impact exercise. So, my running plan goes out of the window and I can’t go to any of my usual circuits or boxercise classes as these have a high running and high-impact aerobic content.

My first reaction … tears! I can’t believe I cried in front of a man I only met 20 minutes beforehand. I then cried some more when I was explaining it to my parents and boyfriend. All my plans that I was so excited about out of the window!

Then, a few things have made me calm down and start to accept the reality. First of all, when I was explaining my fear of losing fitness to the podiatrist he pointed out that I’ve managed to get to a good level of fitness while injured (and I’ve probably been injured for a long time without realising it), imagine what I might be capable of when I’m fully functioning. Secondly, although I might be off the high-impact stuff for up to a year, there are things I can do to maintain my fitness while I recover. Lastly, when I was sitting in the waiting room to make another appointment, a young teenage girl came in who was really struggling to walk and had a permanent mobility problem. I’m lucky that this injury does not affect my every day mobility, it’s just going to temporarily stop me doing exactly what I want.

So, fitness-wise what can I do? Being a woman of action I headed to the gym and spoke to one of the instructors. I’ve made an appointment on Thursday night to get a gym programme as I can still cycle, use the cross-trainer (if I’m careful to keep my hip aligned) and possibly the rowing machine (I want to double check with the podiatrist). Plus, with some strength and core work I’ll be getting some ripped abs and arms in no time (yes, I’m an optimist!).

It’s also the perfect opportunity to start a yoga class and improve my swimming (I’m more cat than dolphin at the moment!). I’m busy this week with a course at work, another appointment at the podiatrist and appointment with the gym instructor, so I’m probably only going to get a chance to do some gym work this week. I’m going to have a think about revising my fitness routine and will write it up to keep me motivated and on-track.

So, despite my emerging optimism, in these cases a girl needs a chocolate fix:

006 - Copy

Hotel Chocolat 99% House Dark. This was INTENSE and I only managed a small piece (probably a good thing) but it really hit the spot.

I’ve tried to be upbeat about my injury, mostly for my own sanity. Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect … but I’m still determined to give running a try once I’m all better!

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  1. February 15, 2011 9:17 am

    I can sympathsise with your problem. I had terrible knee pain last year and believe me I cried a lot. I had some problems with my IT band and after a lot of research, a knee sleeve, insoles for my running shoes, foam rolling and more tears I got better and managed to complete the Great North Run pain free. I’m sure things will get better, in the mean time you enjoy your chocolate petal!

  2. February 15, 2011 9:32 am

    Oh Sarah! My sympathies for crying in front of men you only met 20 minutes before. Done that a few times with my own injury. It gets less embarrassing over time 😉

    And you’re absolutely right with your positive attitude. There will be plenty that you can still do, and you might find it actually shakes you out of your fitness rut even better than running would have. Check out Jess’ blog at EatDrinkBreatheSweat.

    She’s doing a core fusion challenge at the moment, and if you look over older posts, she was really worried she wouldn’t be able to embrace the totally different kind of workout (she’s just come out of strength training) — but she’s loving it! It also sounds like something that you might enjoy. And for hip alignment and future running, core strength programmes are really great.

    Certainly from my point of view, getting injured can have some really positive side effects. It has strengthened me mentally, kept me thinking creatively, and has improved areas of my fitness that I was previously neglecting. If you can see this as an opportunity, then you’re way ahead of me. It took me about 3 months!

    Good luck with the x-ray xx

  3. February 15, 2011 11:29 am

    *hugs* I cried multiple times in a day when I was injured, and am almost in tears because I haven’t run yet today due to frost and am worried I won’t get round because my IT band has tightened up so badly.

    I have huge biomechanical problems too: scoliosis means my hips are all misaligned and it takes orthotics, foam rollering and multiple physio trips to get me running. Even then, I’m always injured in some way. Non-impact cardio is still great for fitness though: swimming and cycling kept me going for eight weeks, and I didn’t lose much running fitness in the meantime. Although I know they don’t provide the same ‘rush,’ you won’t lose fitness. Promise 😉



  4. February 15, 2011 1:03 pm

    Aw sorry to hear that- but then at least you know now and can sort it out before it gets worse. I am glad you are looking on the bright side- look forward to those ripped arms and abs! 🙂


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