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Getting Back On Track

February 28, 2011

Before I start on the main theme of my post today I want to quickly review the cranberry and mandarin Ombar I bought over the weekend.


I succumbed to eating it yesterday afternoon. I’ve never eaten raw chocolate before and it was a shock to my taste buds at first. The flavour of the chocolate was deep and intense, yet the coconut sugar in the bar made it quite sweet (certainly a lot sweeter than the 99% stuff I’ve been eating recently). The cranberry and mandarin flavour was also strong, which I wasn’t expecting. The mouth feel was very different to regular chocolate – Peter described it as “grainy”. I ate three pieces and felt quite overwhelmed, so I set it to one side. About an hour later I decided to eat the rest of it and it grew on me! In fact, I was left wanting more. Although raw chocolate is very expensive, I would be keen to try other Ombar flavours and other brands, as from reading reviews on other blogs it seems the flavour and texture varies quite a bit.

The title of the post is “getting back on track” and I really feel like that’s what I need to do over the next couple of weeks. I’ve had a poor weekend eating wise. Saturday wasn’t too bad, despite over-indulging at the Rainbow Café. However, on Sunday I started the day with some Special K, which I would never normally eat because of its long ingredients list, dubious nutritional value and the fact that it does nothing to fill me up. However, for some reason it was the cereal that spoke to me on Peter’s shelf. We went to Yo Sushi for lunch, which was nice, but again, white sushi rice doesn’t fill me up. Consequently, I snacked in the afternoon on melon and yoghurt (yes, this was fairly healthy, but I ate quite a large quantity) and the Ombar. For dinner Peter and I cooked a chicken stir-fry and noodles (I ate lots) for some friends and for pudding we had pancakes made with white flour. By that time I’d given up all my healthy habits and I had two pancakes with honey and lemon and some Hagaan-Daas cookies and cream ice-cream. Throughout the weekend I also developed a taste for some Belgian chocolate Peter had lying around from when I went to Belgium about a year ago.

My eating philosophy is that nothing is “forbidden” and treats are fine within a balanced diet. However, I think on reflection I did overdo it a bit at the weekend. I’ve been feeling the effects of all that wheat today – I feel bloated and have been suffering from indigestion. Since I got back from Cuba my appetite has been a little unbalanced (possibly impacted by my new exercise routine) and I’ve noticed a few extra snacks creeping in here and there – an extra handful of dried fruit, cereal eaten out of the box and my clothes are feeling a tad tighter. I started my “weight loss journey” (I’m being corny now) in August 2008 and have maintained my weight for about a year now. I haven’t significantly yo-yoed in that period because I’ve always got back on track. I’ve had other bad weekends, nights out when I’ve had a few too many glasses of wine, parties where I’ve had my hand permanently stuck in the Quality Street. However, every time I manage to maintain my weight (although I don’t weigh myself I can roughly tell by how my clothes fit). In the past I might have done this by restricting too much, but I’m determined to be more sensible now. So, I’m going to carry on as I have been more-or-less:

  • Eat 5-6 small meals a day, with breakfast as the largest meal
  • Include slow-release carbs, protein, healthy fat and fruit or veg in every meal
  • No refined carbs or sugar (at least for the next couple of weeks, and then only occasionally after that)
  • Eat if I’m truly hungry (i.e. be flexible with mealtimes – be guided by my appetite, not the clock)

I’ve started as I mean to go on today. Breakfast was porridge made with skimmed milk, cooked in the microwave with a chopped banana and topped with a tablespoon of milled flaxseed.


My snacks for the day:


Mid-morning I had some dried apricots and almonds. I used the pumpkin seeds to top the sweet potato and butternut squash soup I had for lunch. Mid-afternoon I had the Nakd bar and the kiwis.

A pre-yoga snack was two slices of sprouted spelt bread, spread with tahini mixed with some maca powder, along with some cucumber batons.


I raided the freezer for my dinner and had left-over butter bean and vegetable stew, with some fresh spinach wilted in (my favourite way to eat leftover stew).


I feel more in control of my exercise routine, although I will have to be a bit flexible this week because I’m revising for another exam next weekend (yawn-fest) and I’m off to the chiropractor on Wednesday evening. The Saturday and Sunday just gone were rest days.

Monday Yoga
Tuesday Swimming
Wednesday Gym (depending on what happens at chiropractor)
Thursday Swimming
Friday Gym
Saturday Rest
Sunday Strength/core home workout

I’ll continue to post my meals over the next few days so I can track how I’m getting on, although I know it can get a bit boring, so I won’t continue doing it forever!

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  1. February 28, 2011 10:34 pm

    I’m feeling the same way too! I totally agree with your views on nothing being forbidden, just enjoyed in moderation. I’ve spent way too much time in the past not letting myself eat what I want, and then I let myself eat whatever I want- so now I’m trying to find a balance 🙂

  2. March 1, 2011 8:05 am

    Sounds like you have a great plan to go forward. I think listening to your body is a good way to go 🙂 Thanks for the info on the Om bars, I’ve quite fancied trying them for a while now, they sound good x

  3. DonnyFan permalink
    March 1, 2011 9:24 am

    it really doesn’t take much to knock us off balance does it? but it does sound as though you have a good handle on it 🙂

    and there’s nothing corny about being on a weight loss journey – every day is a new experience!

  4. March 1, 2011 11:04 am

    Like DonnyFan said, it can be so easy to get knocked off track! I think 2 days of moderate overindulgence is going to do no harm at all, but like you say, that’s only the case if you get back to good habits again in the days following. Which after a sugar-fest can be difficult! I am having exactly that experience now, as I went out for curry and a bit too much red wine last night, and am struggling with the day-after desire to eat 4 rounds of toast and jam!

  5. March 1, 2011 12:29 pm

    I agree with the others that it doesn’t take much to lead us a stray when it comes to healthy eating. But, I think a few days of lighter eating will conteract the bad days. You will find your balance again I’m sure!!!

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