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Bettys Tea Rooms

May 8, 2011

I seem to have become totally obsessed by tea – especially posh tea.


Peter and I took a trip out to Harrogate this afternoon to visit the original Bettys Tea Rooms. It’s a very popular place, so we had to queue for a bit, but it’s so worth it! My posh tea of choice today was jasmine tea, which I developed a taste for while I was in China. We also had lunch – mine was a gorgeous pan-fried salmon salad with sautéed potatoes:


And to prove to Peter that I do post the less healthy foods I eat sometimes (as part of a balanced diet of course!) here are the chips and ketchup I shared with him:


I can usually take or leave chips, but these were really yummy, especially with lots of ketchup. We didn’t have room for cake while we were there, but Peter took away some french fancies to share with his friends. After my cake overdose last weekend I didn’t actually feel like eating more anyway. Over the past week I’ve been back to eating much less sugar (apart from slowly working through my easter egg stash) – I’ll post more about this later in the week.

We’ve been on a Yorkshire eating odyssey this weekend – yesterday evening we drove over to the curry capital of the UK, Bradford. We ate at The Three Singhs, which Peter assured me wasn’t as authentic as some of the other curry houses in Bradford because we were supplied with cutlery. I tend to avoid Indian food because I’ve had a few bad meals and it can sometimes upsets my stomach, but I thought that seeing as we’re so close to Bradford I had to give it another try. We shared a dhal, jalfrezi chicken, rice, a naan and some chapatti (carb overload .. always good) – and the verdict is … I need more Indian food in my life!

I was a bit nervous about my run this morning after the spicy food, but my stomach was no more dodgy than usual. I did my longest run yet – 45 minutes along a fairly uninspiring route. I was going to drive out to a park, but I was too lazy in the end. The run was good, even though it was very warm and sticky. I did learn another running vs. food lesson. I know I can’t run with anything more than a small glass of fruit juice or a few dates in my tummy, but I now also know I can’t stuff myself after running either. I wasn’t hungry when I got back, but I knew I needed to refuel as I was starting to feel a bit shaky. I made the mistake of wolfing down a large bowl of cereals and then felt really sick afterwards. From now on, slower refuelling.

I’m coming towards the end of my 10k plan, although I have a few weeks before the race, so will have to add in a couple of extra weeks. This week’s exercise looks like:

Monday 30 Day Shred, yoga
Tuesday 40 min walk, swimming
Wednesday 20 mins interval training, 30 Day Shred
Thursday Gym
Friday 30 min run, 30 Day Shred
Saturday Rest
Sunday 50 min run

I’ve kept to the plan over the past week, but I’ve not done any cross-training and I’ve really missed it. I’m looking forward to getting back to some more intensive training. I’m also going to move on the Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, so I’m sure to be very sore on Tuesday!

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  1. May 8, 2011 5:34 pm

    Congrats on the running PB! I’m the same after running, but I find liquid nutrition a lot easier. Milk or a protein shake is good, with a couple of oatcakes or something. That should tide you over until you’re ready to eat a proper meal.

  2. DonnyFan permalink
    May 8, 2011 5:40 pm

    I find I run better after eating a decent bowl of porridge but I have to leave it a good hour and a half. Just a couple of dates just doesn’t give me the energy I need to get round!

    Like Alison, a thing I like to have in the half hour or so after finishing is a nice ole protein shake – if I’m home then I mix it up with crushed ice……. to the point that the straws are standing upright 🙂


  3. May 8, 2011 5:46 pm

    Oooh, you’re going to love level 2 😉 It’s not too bad, honestly. It all depends on whether you find the plank hard or not, but you should have good core strength from level 1 so I’m sure you’ll be fine. I think there’s a bigger jump from level 2 to level 3 to be honest.

    My Mum went all gooey reading about Betty’s: she’s obsessed with the one in York. Hopefully one day she will actually be able to eat something there: I’ve offered to pay numerous times so fingers crossed eventually she’ll be able to shut her eating disorder up for long enough to enjoy even a bite of a cake, bless her.

    That salmon salad look utterly delicious and it’s great to see ‘proper’ chips that don’t look greasy at all. I’m having a hard time with fish at the moment to be honest: it’s strange but I keep drooling over tuna and salmon salads on blogs and in ‘real’ life. Eh, I’ll stop hogging your comments section and post about it soon, I’m sure 😉


  4. May 8, 2011 6:14 pm

    I’ve had to prove I’d post unhealthy foods to my boyfriend, too! Except in our case it was pizza but thick cut fries do sound really delicious. Hey, we can’t eat perfect all the time! 😉

    Good job on the run! And I can relate to the stomach aches after refuleing too quickly. Lately I’ve been showering before breakfast after a hard workout which gives my stomach plenty of time to adjust for some food.

  5. May 8, 2011 7:57 pm

    I love level 2 of 30 day shred, its a cracker. Just had a look at the running plan you followed it looks great I’m thinking of it for after C25k, might be a good transition, although I do love the someone telling me when to run & when to walk and not having to look at my watch the whole time (lazy runner think I’d call myself ;-))

  6. May 9, 2011 5:56 am

    Hello, just found your blog and it’s lovely.

    Next time you’re in Betty’s try their white tea with rose petals, it is to die for and oh so la-di-dah!

  7. May 9, 2011 7:24 pm

    Good luck with level 2!
    And I love the look of the tea rooms! 🙂 So civilised!
    With the running- I prefer something liquid too- chocolate milk or something like that, and maybe a cereal bar (eaten slowly) as otherwise I get all shaky. Then I have a shower and by then I am ready for lunch/ dinner 🙂

  8. May 9, 2011 9:26 pm

    I need ‘proper’ food before a run or I get really shaky. However, I have learnt that I need to eat it at least 1.5 hrs before, ideally 2….which means a very early start on a Saturday when club meets at 8am!

    Love the look of those tea rooms..mmmmmmm


  9. May 10, 2011 4:48 am

    Good luck with Level 2 of the Shred! It’s quite a jump- literally! Level 3 was my favorite 🙂

  10. May 10, 2011 12:40 pm

    Good luvk with the Shred plan. I haven’t tried it myself, but heard that it is tough! 😀

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