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I never thought that I could run. At school I was the fat asthmatic kid always trailing behind and at the dreaded school sports day I was last in every single race that I ever entered, which is kind of impressive if you think about it. Even after I got fit and was working out hard four times a week, I still didn’t think that running was for me.

Without a doubt it was reading blogs that encouraged me to take that first step out onto the pavements and give running a try for the first time in February 2011. In a fit of enthusiasm I signed up for a 10k race and started the Zest 5k plan. However, it didn’t all run smoothly as I discovered only a week after starting to run that I was injured and had to avoid all impact exercise for several months. Luckily at the end of March, with 12 weeks to go before the 10k I was able to start running again. This time I followed the Zest 10k plan.

I successfully completed the Leeds Run for All 10k in June 2011 in 57:22. In July 2011 I ran the York Run for All 10k in 54:22.

I ran the Great Eastern Run (a half marathon) on the 9th October in 2:01:04 and I  joined a running club to help me to improve my running, as well as meeting new people and having some fun.

In just over a year I ran five half marathons and managed a personal best of 1:52:32 in The Great North Run in September 2012. I’m extremely proud of my running achievements, but I’m currently taking a break from intense exercise while I try to get my vitamin B12 deficiency under control. I hope to return to running soon, but will still be forever happy if never beat that PB.


Leeds Run for All 10k 2011 (57:22)

York Run for All 10k 2011 (54:22)

The Great Eastern Run (Peterborough Half Marathon) 2011 (2:01:04)

Abbey Dash 10k (Leeds) 2011 (50:46)

Liverpool Half Marathon 2012 (1:58:30)

Sheffield Half Marathon 2012 (1:56:09)

Leeds Run For All 10k 2012 (49:25 PB)

Great North Run (Half Marathon) 2012 (1:52:32 PB)

Bridlington Half Marathon 2012 (1:55:30)

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  1. October 17, 2011 6:27 pm

    You’re an Inspiration!

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